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Top Cake Trends for 2018: How to choose the perfect cake

Top Cake Trends for 2018: How to choose the perfect cake

Since it’s humble Egyptian origins, the cake has grown to become a universal staple of celebratory events. From birthdays through public holidays, and of course, weddings, the cake is the focal point of any party or gathering. However, 2018 is thus far looking like it could be a transformative year for the cake, not least thanks to these top 4 trends for 2018 and beyond.


1 - The Continued Rise of Novelty Cakes

It goes without saying, the novelty cake is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Finding the right balance between humour and originality, cakes that steer clear of the mundane and head towards the unusual are always great value for money.

And, in 2018, the novelty cake is destined to reach even greater heights.

As cake makers, we’re are coming up with increasingly innovative and creative masterpieces that are completely different to anything that has gone before. The novelty cake is one which can make the entire party take notice and be a talking point for the entire event. If you want a cake that is always destined to succeed, then the novelty cake is the one for you.


2 - The Emergence of Corporate Cakes

The belief that cakes are only useful for social events is a myth. Cakes for corporate events are on the rise and companies are quickly coming to terms with the fact that a well-designed centre-piece is the literal icing on the cake.

For staff parties, the corporate cake can instil a sense of pride into employees, improve satisfaction, and provide an introductory conversation starter. And, with an ability to order creative and original cake designs bespoke to you, a cake is the perfect addition to the corporate function in 2018.


3 - The Growth of Bespoke Cakes

Sometimes no matter how hard you look, finding the perfect cake can seem an impossible task. As you scroll through the endless reams of different cakes, none of them quite satisfying your needs, you start to wonder whether creating the perfect cake is even possible. Then it finally clicks, sometimes the cake needs to be specially made to suit the occasion.

Whether it’s sport, music, princesses, dinosaurs or all the above, with a bespoke cake, you’re in the driving seat. Come up with the perfect design and sit back as the master cake makers turn that dream into a reality. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection, in 2018, the bespoke cake is the answer to the perfect present.


4 - The Arrival of Photo Cakes

For too long, the idea of the photo cake was one which was met with nonchalance. There was never any question it was a good idea, after all, who doesn’t want to eat a portion of themselves? Unfortunately, the lack of interest often stemmed from the execution; whereby the finished article seldom looked like the image it was based upon, or, if it did, taste suffered as a result.

But, over the years things have changed and in 2018 we’re now at a point where the photo cake is really taking off.

Today, cake making is an artform. Bakers can create extraordinary cakes and ensure they both look and taste exceptional. For this reason, slowly but surely, attitudes are quickly changing regarding the photo cake, and in the years ahead it’s set to take off and grow in popularity. If you want your cake to really capture the imagination, then the personalising it with a photo is certainly the way to go.


All in all, 2018 looks like it could be a big year for cakes. As designs improve, cake mastery advances and demand for perfection increases, consumers and companies alike are beginning to understand that the cake can be the best option for any party. If you feel ready to embrace the new trends in cakes, then why not get in touch? Our award-winning team can deliver bespoke cakes, corporate cakes, photo cakes, or any kind of celebration cake, all with the option of free next day delivery.